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Leak Detection in Fresno, CA and Surrounding Areas

Save Money & Prevent Water Damage

Don’t let a leak damage your home. Protect the investment you’ve made in your house with 559 Leak Detection. We offer water, gas, and sewer leak detection to solve all your leak problems. 559 Leak Detection is the leading expert in Fresno and the entire San Joaquin Valley area in the detection of hidden water leaks. Our non-invasive leak detection methods result in less damage to your property with a higher degree of success of detecting your leak. 559 Leak Detection can help you protect your home, save money, save water, and prevent damage to your property. We use non-invasive, ultrasonic equipment to locate the source of your leak. Our state-of-the-art technology has revolutionized the discovery of leaks. Our technicians are certified through the industry’s extensive training program. We will find your leaks with little to no destruction of your property.

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From leaking faucets and showers to slab leaks, we have seen and fixed all types of leaks. To better and more quickly serve you, each of our trucks has camera inspection and leak detection equipment, so you will be leak free in no time!

  • Water Leak Detection (inside and outside of your property)
  • Plumbing Water Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Pool & Spa Leaks
  • Underground Pipe Leak Detection & Repairs
  • Main Water Leak Detection & Repairs
  • Lifetime Warranty on Whole House Re-pipes
  • Wall Leaks

Water & Slab Leaks

Noticed a recent rise in your water bill? Is your water pressure low? Water leaks can not only cause damage to your home, but also can cause your water bill to be higher than normal as well as molding. Other signs of a water leak include dripping water, flooding inside or outside of your home, wet walls, and wet ceilings.

Gas Leaks

Are your plants or grass withered near your main gas pipeline? If so you may have a gas leak. Additional gas leak signs are foul fumes in your home, unusual hissing noises, bubbles in ponds or puddles, and water or dust being dispersed.

Sewer Leaks

Foul smells inside or outside of your home? Sewer leaks can cause foul odors and flooding in your backyard. If you suspect a sewer leak, call the experts at 559 Leak Detection as soon as possible. We will identify where your leak is coming from and fix it quickly.

How Our Service Works

At 559 Leak Detection, we bring cost-effective leak detection services to all of our customers. Our plumbers use video camera inspections as a noninvasive method to look for and detect leak problems. Some leaks might be obvious such as dripping water, while other leaks might be harder to detect such as aging pipes. If you suspect any type of leak, turn to 559 Leak Detection.

Have an Emergency Leak?

At 559 Leak Detection, we understand that water leaks are common in California because of shifting grounds, heat, and corroding soil. If you have an emergency leak that you need stopped fast, call 559 Leak Detection at (559) 445-9999. We offer emergency services to get your leak fixed when you need it most. Put our proven reputation to work.

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