Residential and Commercial Re-Piping Services in Fresno, CA and Surrounding Areas

559 Leak Detection specializes in the installation of new piping systems throughout your home or commercial building in a noninvasive manner. Our team always uses newest installation technologies to replace your pipes efficiently.

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What is Re-Piping?

Re-piping is the procedure of replacing existing galvanized pipes in a building or home. Most homes today contain galvanized pipes or zinc-coated iron pipes. When these pipes age, the zinc lining erodes away, triggering the formation of rust. The pipes must be replaced as soon as this deterioration process begins. Do not wait until you start noticing leaks.

Why is Re-Piping Necessary?

Is your washing machine filling up slower than it used to? Is the water pressure in your shower less than ideal? Does your tap water taste bitter? Is your shower water the color of rust? These are all indications that you may need to re-pipe your home. Homeowners typically replace their pipes when they start to see a significant fall in water pressure. It is also time to replace your pipes when they begin to leak, tap water looks dirty due to rust, or a polluted smell is emitted from the tap. Call us today to come out to your home or business to figure out if your problems are due to eroding pipes and whether or not you need to get your pipes replaced.

Brown Water Prevention

Have a healthy home and eliminate brown water with 559 Leak Detection. Our licensed plumbers re-pipe water lines to prevent unhealthy water from running throughout your home. 559 Leak Detection specializes in replacing galvanized pipes. We use durable PEX piping to prevent leaking problems.

A common cause of faucets discharging brown-colored water is a rusty pipe. Pressure fluctuations inside a water pipe, especially when the supply is switched on and off, tend to loosen the rust that has been clinging to the inner walls of the pipe. This rust then becomes in contact with the water flowing through the pipe and turns the water brown.

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What Are the Advantages of PEX Piping?

  • Clean – PEX plumbing systems do not corrode or accumulate mineral buildup like metal alternative piping.
  • Efficient – PEX plumbing systems are more efficient because they retain more heat and even resist condensation on water lines.
  • Guaranteed – PEX plumbing systems are also backed by a limited warranty. Call us today for more details.
  • Proven – Over 35 years, approximately 12 billion feet of PEX piping has been installed across the world.
  • Quiet – PEX plumbing systems eliminate all types of water noises like singing pipes.
  • Reliable – PEX piping has a solid fitting system for a strong, leak-free connection.
  • 559 Leak Detection provides lifetime warranty on PEX piping

Call a Re-Piping Specialist

Re-piping is not the average DIY project. Re-piping is extensive and requires a skilled professional to properly install. Turn to 559 Leak Detection. We specialize in installing durable pipes to last. Call 559 Leak Detection today at (559) 445-9999 for re-piping services to protect your investment in your home or business. 559 Leak Detection has over 20 years in business and thousands re-pipes completed.

We have had countless customers who are exceedingly pleased with the results and moreover, with their pleasant interactions with our team, and the minimal disruption of their daily routine during the 2-4 days that the process takes on average. Normally the job involves only minimal disruption in water service. You will always have water at the end of each day.

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